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The 2016 Daffodil Season Has Ended

We have met some wonderful people this year who not only enjoy daffodils as much as we do, but who have added much to make our days happy. It has been a joy to visit with you in our beautiful fields. 
Be sure to check back from time-to-time as we add more photos from this season!

Chuck's number to call or text is 843-368-1998 if you have questions.

  "Daffadowndilly all dressed for town-with her green petticoat and yellow gown!" Unknown

We are having difficulty with our computer program. We have many beautiful photos of visitors to our fields we are unable to load. We will post them as soon as the computer gurus figure out what is wrong with this program. We apologize for the delay.

2016 Pictures

Candace Lovely setting up to paint in the daffodil fields.

Candace working on her painting.



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Even in the rain, daffodils sparkle.

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                                                            2016 Daffodil Season                      

Welcome to U Pick Daffodils, a family owned and operated farm offering daffodils to the local area. Hours of operation vary depending upon the weather and how many folks visit the fields each day. Every attempt is made to keep this webpage updated so you know what's available.  Generally speaking, it's better to arrive earlier in the day for the best selection. Depending upon the weather and bloom availability, the fields are open weekends from 10AM until 4PM. The fields are also open various weekdays, again depending upon weather and availability of daffodils. Call Chuck at 843-368-1998 if you want to check before you come. We don't want you to be disappointed if the fields are sold out by the time you get here.

Chuck Merrick, a Bluffton local, was raised here on what was then the family dairy farm. The daffodils are planted in what was once known as the Dynamite Field. A couple of generations ago the field was so heavily covered with trees that, as was common practice in that day and time, it was dynamited out to clear the area for planting and cattle grazing. The fields are also a wildlife sanctuary now.Planting and caring for U Pick Daffodils is, according to Chuck, a lot more fun than milking cows every morning at 4:30AM!

Chuck works hard to make U Pick Daffodils a friendly and inviting place for the entire family. In addition to clearing, tilling, and mowing the fields, Chuck generally plants some new bulbs each year. Most of the new bulbs are tried and true varieties but he does experiment with a few new hybrids or varieties to see how well they will do in the area. Researching daffodils along with trying to make different varieties grow here has become somewhat of an obsession for Chuck. Even with all the hard work and research, farming daffodils, like any other type of farming, is at the mercy of unpredictable weather conditions.

During the daffodil blooming season, you'll usually find Chuck, Diane, son Charles, daughter-in-law Frasier and grandson Chase working the fields. This year six-year-old grandson Oliver will be helping out in the fields as well. Daughter Christie, her husband Greg, and son Andrew Ryan may even journey down from Black Mountain, NC to help out a weekend or two. UPickDaffodils is truly a family effort!

The Merricks hope you will visit U Pick Daffodils. Remember, as you will be visiting a working farm, dress comfortably, look out for ants, and plan to have a great time! Due to sanitation issues, no dogs please.

* Price List: 25 cents per stem.*



Emma and Caleb had a great time last year. We can't wait to see how much they've grown!

The Ransom and Karyshyn children enjoy the last days of the 2015 season! 

We love sharing your pictures so please be sure to send them to chuck@upickdaffodils.com for posting on this website.

More 2015 pictures!

A sunny first Saturday in the daffodil fields as this young man picks flowers for his mother!
Lovely young ladies enjoying the daffodil fields on opening day of 2015 season.
Family fun on a beautiful Saturday!
A great picture of our son and grandson by Little Elise Photography opening day 2015.

Chuck and Diane celebrate their 45th anniversary in the daffodil fields.

Oliver and his Poppi working on the tractor.

The Eaton Family
Enjoying a day in the daffodil fields.
February, 2015

More Photos Online

Delayna Earley came out and took some great pictures for The Island Packet February 22.
Wonderful shots of families and friends enjoying themselves!
The photos are copy-righted so you'll have to visit http://bit.ly/1hgaxhj to view them.

Jennifer McCormack with Eat, Sleep, Drink Beaufort brought her cute son Cole out on March 4th.
Thank you Delayna for visiting us and taking such great photos.
The story and photos are viewable at www.eatsleepplaybeaufort.com/pick-some-local-sunshine/ .

Jay Karr come out March 4th for The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette. It was the first really warm, sunny day
in quite awhile so everyone it seems came out. He took many great pictures which can be found online.

Ben Goggins had a great article in the Savannah Morning News March 13th.  He posted some beautiful pictures along with the article.

We appreciate Delayna, Jennifer, Jay, and Ben taking the time to come out and share some of the history and beauty of
our UPickDaffodils.com farm. We love it and hope everyone who comes has a great time.

(Pictures taken and posted through the media are copyrighted. That is why they are not posted here.) 


Kate picks flowers for her mother!

Almost ready to head out to the fields. Chuck and Oliver make quite the team.

Young Kate and the flowers she picked!

Emelie sitting pretty among the daffodils.

Jaidyn having fun!

Chuck, along with superheros Patrick, and Nate, just hanging out.

Roger took this picture Friday!

I love this photo by Mrs. Eaton!

Daffodils are just the happiest flowers.

Charlie is so happy with his daffodils.

What a precious little boy.
Cameron's first visit to the fields.

From afar, the fields are a hazy yellow.
March 7, 2015

Little Miss Ellie!

The Teal boys had a great time picking daffodils!


The Lees enjoying the daffodil field.

 Charlotte enjoying her day in the fields. What a little beauty!

This is just a beautiful picture, don't you think?

Daffodils are just plain fun aren't they Cherri!

Daffodils  at Bloom Hilton Head

Many blooms to choose among.

Gracie is on a mission to get her daffodils!

The Chiasson Family!

Young Master Teal is exploring the daffodils.

wThe flowers appeal to this little Newman..

Jackson relaxing after picking daffodils!

Laura's Spring Bouquet.

Mrs. Bolduc has a great time!

Young and old enjoy the beauty of the daffodil fields at Calhoun Plantation.

Chuck gathering pre-picks in the little field.

Friends enjoying a fun day in the fields.

Thank you all for coming out and visiting us; for sharing your time and your photos. You make all the hard work worthwhile.
Chuck and Diane
(Photo by Bolduc)

Nate gives his mother, Veronica, some daffodils.
He's going to be a great big brother!

Our 2014 Pictures!


Delta Sigma Theta Sisters Gather Daffodils to Take to Shut-ins. What a wonderful outreach program they have!

Candace Lovely Paints in the Field. Contact her at cwl@candacelovely.com.

Our 2013 Pictures!

If you would like to share  your daffodil field pictures, we would love to post them here on our websites. Just email your photos to
chuck@upickdaffodils.com. Thank you for being a part of our daffodil family!

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